Heavyweight Champ Francis Ngannou Plans to 'Take Half of His UFC 270 Purse Paid in Bitcoin'

On January 18, 2022, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou explained that the fighter plans to get half of his UFC 270 purse paid in bitcoin (BTC).
‘Bitcoin Is the Future and I’m a Believer’ . Mixed Martial Arts Champ Francis Ngannou to Take Half of His Purse in Bitcoin
The French Cameroonian mixed martial artist will join the likes of athletes like Russell Okung, Odell Beckham Jr, and Aaron Rodgers choosing to be paid in bitcoin.
I believe bitcoin can empower people everywhere.
In addition to getting paid half of his purse in BTC, Ngannou said he planned to give away $300K worth of bitcoin to people dropping their Cash App name tag and using the hashtag “#paidinbitcoin.” The tweet managed to get the #paidinbitcoin hashtag to trend on Twitter in U.S. regions.
Ngannou Is Giving $300K in Bitcoin Away to a Lucky Fan
In July 2021, the MMA entertainment firm partnered with the digital currency exchange Crypto.com and sources said at the time it was the UFC’s largest advertising deal to date.
Just before the UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou’s statements about getting half of his purse in bitcoin, the fighter also said that bitcoin is big in Africa.
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