Yield App Launches V2, and It’s More Than Just a New Look

Yield App – the official digital asset wealth management partner of premier league football club West Ham United – has unveiled the hotly anticipated Version 2 (V2) of its platform, just 11 months since it launched in February 2021.
In this short time, Yield App has garnered more than 70,000 users and more than $420 million in managed assets.
This new, second version of the platform brings with it a much sleeker user experience along with a raft of exciting new features, some of which are listed below.
V2 brings greater convenience and control, allowing you to view the value of your digital assets in the currency of your choice – USD, EUR or GBP, for example.
The V2 product update enables users to earn all their rewards in Yield App’s native token, YLD, to boost their base returns by a further 2% per year.
In V2 of Yield App, users will be able to swap any of their assets to another asset listed on the platform.
With this update, Yield App has introduced a new Tier rewards system consisting of four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond.
Unlike Version 1 of Yield App, where YLD could only be held in the wallet to boost earnings, Version 2 brings two options: stake or lock your YLD, available to Silver Tier and above.
Monitoring and reporting of digital asset activities is also much simpler in Version 2.
The announcement has proven a huge hit with Yield App’s community, with YLD enjoying significant upward momentum as a result.
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